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  • September 14, 2021
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Since our website has a lot more than text, I was able to make a few changes that will hopefully make the site a little easier to navigate. We’ve added some more features that will make it more fun to browse.

I’ve also replaced the old header image with an icon of a mouse to give it a bit of a more “futuristic” feel. This is something i’ve always wanted to do, and now its a good excuse to get a new header image.

Ive also made a few other tweaks throughout the site to make it a little bit easier to find things, like the search bar so you can just type in a keyword and the search works without having to scroll through the entire site.

The new header image is great. It’s also important that they don’t break up the site into too many different headers. Each one of these headers is slightly different from what the others have, but it makes it easier to find things. We’re still trying to figure out how to make the site look better.

I think it is interesting that the header image is the same size as the main content, but unlike most sites, which use a template that does the same thing, this one is all its own. If you have to scroll through dozens of headers to find the one you are looking for, then you will be left looking for hours, if not days.

The header image is also different from the rest of the pages, but there are some similarities. The header has a gradient background, and the text is colored with a custom background that is repeated to make some of the words stand out. There is also a “background” button to switch between backgrounds, and a “text” button that displays the text of the page.

If you scroll through many headers, it is very easy to get lost in the noise. We tried to implement a way to navigate smoothly by adding a few extra commands to the headers, but I think it is still not enough. It is possible to navigate quickly and efficiently with a scroll wheel or a left-click, but it is not seamless. A scroll wheel makes it possible to scroll the page fast, but it is also easy to get lost in a sea of headers.

The idea of the headers is to show the position of the page in the browser window. This is very important for web layout because it means that we can use the browser to do scrolling, and that is where the web page is really being displayed on the screen.

The way I like to use the web page is with the tabs. There is a browser window with all the pages on the browser, and you can use the tabs to switch between the pages. This is also why it is so important to remember to use the tabs instead of using the scroll wheel.

The tabs are very important when you want to manipulate the position of the page. We want to use the tabs so that when we navigate to a page, we’re actually going to be able to manipulate the position of the page. This allows us to, for example, show the page in the browser window.

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