What the Heck Is table height html?

When you’re working on a home website, one of the first things that you want to do is make sure the tables you’re using are legible. It isn’t difficult to make tables readable, but if the table is too small or if the headers and footers aren’t legible, then it can be problematic.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the problem I had with my website, which is why I got a little annoyed when I made the mistake of adding an extra div over all the tables. I decided that I would fix it by using table-cell, which was easy, but not easy enough to avoid having to break up the table into two.

Once I realized that my website was missing the ability to make the table legible, I had to go back through all my code and figure out where it was. Even after all this googling, if I couldn’t find what was wrong, I’d go back to the code and fix it.

Well, if you are using a framework and have no idea where to start, it’s probably better to just start over. It might be harder to fix, but if you know enough to fix the first thing, you already know enough to fix the whole thing. If you do know how to fix it, you’re better off just fixing it than starting over.

the answer to a question I asked at a conference was to simply use a table. They will do everything for you in order to get the table to work. No matter what you think, it makes perfect sense to use a table.

If you’re like me, you probably have a ton of tables. I’m not a table freak but if I had a huge collection of tables I’d probably lose it all (for a few days at least) in a fire. Not a good idea.

I am aware that a large percentage of the things I do are not good for your computer. But really, is it really worth it? I would like to believe that it is. That people spend their time working and not just on pointless things. But if it is then so be it. It’s a nice thing to have and a useful thing to do.

Sure I wish I used my browser more often. A couple of days ago I was driving my car and I had to look for something that was out of the way, so I was just browsing the web. I didn’t feel like I could just browse and not do anything with it. I realized it was because Im not on my laptop most of the time. I can’t type at all. Its kind of a pain.

But table heights are useful in a number of ways. They allow you to easily break up a page and divide it up into different sections. Some may not be as legible as the other, but you get the gist of it. You can also break up the page into parts so that you can easily scroll down it and find certain parts, or parts that are a bit further down than others.

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