Eddy Verbruggen

Founder and CTO at Combidesk

What AR You Waiting For?

Wednesday, November 13 at 3:15 PM

Name ONE good reason not to add a bit of good ol’ Augmented Reality to your app today!

What’s that? You’ve got a list? 😳

“Hardly any devices support AR!”

Uhm excuse me, Mr. President, that’s not en-tire-ly accurate. (Free hugs for the ones guessing that movie quote!)

“ARCore for Android is incredibly complicated and I don’t have experience in programming OpenGL”

Me neither and I agree, it’s 🤯!

“I don’t want to learn ARKit for iOS either”

Let’s focus on a cross-platform solution then 😉

“It’s so hard to come up with a good use case for AR”

Valid point, but let’s ignore that one 🤫

So let’s sit down together and look at the current state of AR and explore an option that doesn’t require you to reverse a binary tree every 10 lines of code.