Vasil Trifonov

NativeScript Engineering Manager

NativeScript Playground: Behind The Scenes

Tuesday, November 12 at 2:00 PM

NativeScript Playground is a solution that allow you to easily experiment with NativeScript. You can write code in a web client and deploy it to your device through the Playground and Preview mobile apps. Over time, it has become the getting started point for thousands of users. So it has to be fast and reliable, and avoid the cumbersome native mobile local setup.

Have you ever wondered how it works? How does the magic happen?

In this session, the lead engineer of the Nativescript Playground will show you behind the curtains. Vasil will reveal the architecture and technologies behind the Playground. He will explain the problems faced, the lessons learned, and the decisions made along the way.

To prepare for the demos in the session, please install the following app on your phone: