Dimitar Todorov

Senior QA Automation Engineer

JavaScript Mobile Testing and CI in the Cloud

Wednesday, November 13 at 2:00 PM

Mobile application testing is crucial for today’s software development market, since almost every enterprise wants to develop and deliver first class mobile apps. Providing an open source platform for developing native applications with single code base is something great and delightful but it is also very responsible. There is no place for compromises and the quality of the framework is our top priority. Testing the framework requires a lot of mobile applications, developed with different frameworks to be verified on a lot of mobile devices. As the effort scales the automation comes in to help. When working on an open source project there is one main thing that should be consider and this is the transparency of the project and the processes in it. When it comes to testing an open source, you should have a primer showing the community how to use best practices to achieve a stable CI process, visible to all. And if something must be accessible from everywhere and from everyone there is one place to do that – the cloud.

In this session, I will show one of our approaches to transparent CI process in the cloud with zero local infrastructure, using popular services like Travis-CI, SauceLabs and GitHub. It also provides visibility for contributors and product owners on how the things works and how quality of the software is achieved.