Diana Rodriguez

Chief DevOps Architect at Voicethread

Success in Tech: Fostering DevOps Culture

Tuesday, November 12 at 10:15 AM

When it comes to the DevOps approach, we are not talking about the latest diet or fad or fashion. The DevOps culture explained in a simple way and its approach in the world of Web & IOT and how does it benefit the process, improving pipelines and improving the quality of our releases device, code and infrastructure wise. What about security? What is the state? Did we know that the majority of developers don’t trust the same systems/devices/firmware they are releasing? Are we shipping to production based on pressure and/or the whims of a non-understanding market? What is it there to do to make sure we release quality over quantity? How does this all relate? I will share the secrets and not so secret information and leave you with it…you decide your course of action!