Simon MacDonald

Senior Software Scientist at Adobe

Automating Hockey Team Management with Serverless

Tuesday, November 12 at 4:15 PM

I’m Canadian so it’s safe to assume that I love hockey and I do, I really, really do! For over 10 years now I’ve organized a weekly hockey game with my friends. There are a lot of repetitive manual tasks I need to do to make sure we have enough players, goalies and two relatively fair teams.

Recently, I started thinking that I should automate a number of these tasks to save myself some time. What follows is my journey to:

  • Identify repetitive tasks
  • Breaking them down into discrete actions
  • Coding these actions as node.js functions
  • Taking advantage of cloud databases
  • Triggering actions on a schedule or because of database changes.
  • Profit! Well not make money but definitely save some time.

Maybe you don’t care about hockey (please like my sport) but you probably do have some things in your life that you could easily automate.