Max Firtman

Freelance Developer, Author, and Trainer

How to Survive 20 Years Developing Apps

Tuesday, November 12 at 9:00 AM

Can you imagine developing a mobile app 20 years ago? Do you see yourself doing mobile apps in 20 years? Do you feel choosing your next development platform and framework is too risky? Do you feel you wasted time learning how to develop apps for Nokia, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone or learning native SDKs when cross-platform solutions can build the same apps?

Creating my first mobile app was a challenge back in 2001. Is it better and easier almost 20 years later?

In this talk, I’ll go through 20+ years of app development covering everything I’ve learned in the process, including what we are still doing wrong, and what things have improved. More importantly, we will discuss what your focus should be and how to stop frustrating yourself and your users to achieve happiness and evolution in your profession. You will learn why change is a constant in this field, and how to survive without constant frustrations.

I will also analyze the future of apps based on what I learned, how to embrace the change, how to pick technologies and development platforms, how to focus on the real goals, and how to survive the next 20 years developing apps.