Nischal Reddy

Principal Software Engineer

Micro Apps - Breaking the Mobile App Monolith and Delivering Omnichannel Experiences

Friday, October 26 at 11:40 AM

We have long been breaking monoliths to create microservices that are atomic, independent and decoupled. But for the most part the mobile app UI is still a huge monolith that consumes all the microservices, which makes it hard to maintain, comes with high cost of change that causes development costs to soar. These problems are leading to long release cycles and eventually abandoning apps in production.

The solution is to decompose a mobile monolith to an ecosystem of Microapps!. Microapps are single purpose, cross platform apps that are designed to support a single step in a users workflow. Microapps helps in delivering a constant stream of incremental updates without long app release cycle, they help deliver a consistent user experience across different user touchpoints (be it mobile, web or wearables). Come attend this session to find out how Microapps architecture can help your development team accelerate pace of change while enabling them to deliver value in parallel.