Jen Looper

Developer Advocate at Progress

Human vs AI

Thursday, October 25 at 1:30 PM

If you’ve been amazed by the game shows and intelligence challenges that pit humans against AIs, such as the Alpha Go tournament and TV’s “Beat Shazam”, get ready for the ultimate challenge - differentiating between dogs and mops, kittens and caramel ice cream. Sounds bizarre? Come with me on an app-building journey as we walk through the creation of a cross-platform mobile app that pits humans against machines to see who is faster at image recognition - you, or on-device machine learning. Using Vue.js and NativeScript to create a performant cross-platform native app, we’ll harness the power of the new machine learning SDK from Google, ML Kit, to enable image recognition algorithms to run on device as we feed it images it has never seen. Ready to test your skills and be wowed by the speed of ML on mobile? Join me as, together, we try to beat the machine!