15 Secretly Funny People Working in php strlen

php.net has a wonderful “strlen” function that gives you the length of your PHP code. It is a great tool for testing and debugging your code as well.

For the love of all that is holy, I want to know what this function is for.

The strlen function is great for debugging issues with your code. For example, if you have some code that can fail, you can use strlen to see that the code worked but only because the code didn’t actually need to be there. This is especially useful because if you have to remove a line of code from the code, you can still make sure your code is working by simply searching through the code looking for the line you need to remove.

The strlen function is commonly used for something like this: if you have a line in your code that is causing issues, you can use strlen to find the line that is causing the issue. This is useful because you can take the line you need to remove out of your code. Then you can take the line you removed and make sure your code still works.

I always say “use strlen()” because this tool is easy to use and can help you remove a lot of code that is unnecessary. While you’re at it, you can also look at the output of the function you just used, to see if your code is correct.

strlen is a function that returns the length of a string passed into it. If you give it a string that is longer than your max, it will throw an error. The max length of a string is 255.

The problem with using this function is that it works by looking at the output of a function, rather than the actual input. So if you want your code to call a function, you should always write it before you call the function, rather than in the code. This function is very handy when you want to check if you’ve used the proper function.

This is a great way to check if you have used a function properly. Because this function is built into the PHP language, you can even use it at the top of your functions to test your code.

You can also use this function to see if a given variable is set to a legal value.

In case you need to learn about PHP, this function is very useful. It returns the length of a string. In this case, the string is just a series of characters. So the function returns the number of characters in the string, but you can also pass it an array of characters. So this function can check if a given string contains only alphabetical characters.

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