php add to string

php is a client-side scripting language, which means that the code is dynamically compiled on the client side and run through a server-side runtime process. It has a built in support for arrays and objects which makes it a great language for working with database data.

The newest version of php (5.1) includes an “add to string” function that takes the user’s input and simply adds that information to a given string. It’s pretty damn useful, and the fact that it was included in version 5.1 is a pretty big win.

The function is called “add to string” and is supported for both strings and arrays. For array input, the function simply takes the array itself and adds it to the given string. For strings, the function takes the input as a string and then takes the array and adds it to the given string. Of course, this function is only available for those who have installed the php 5.1 beta.

php 5.1 allows us to use the add to string function directly in the array function as well. The only difference is the array is an array of strings, and it’s easier to manipulate strings in arrays than in a normal string.

The use of array functions is particularly useful in PHP, but can sometimes be hard to get used to. A lot of the time you’ll find yourself using functions directly on the array as they’re called, which is a good thing. The array is the thing that makes PHP so great.

The array is the thing that makes PHP so great. It was created by John Chambers in 1975 in the then-newly-released version of the language, PHP. Originally, the array was created as an extension of the language. To use it you would type array[‘key’] in the variable, or, if you wanted to use it just like a normal variable, you would type array()[key].

The array is great because when you type arraykey as a variable, you can use it as a normal variable, or you can use it as the name of an array. If you type arraykey as the name of an array, you can access the array at any level, including the super-scalar level of the array.

You can also use it as a way to create an array of variable names.

In PHP, a variable can be declared as either a string, array, or array of strings. The latter is a very useful feature for storing data in different formats, so you can make different kinds of things use it. The array is a way to create an array of keys.

The array of keys is useful because we can use it to create any kind of array we want. You can use it to create an array of variables or any other kind of data that we want to store. If we say arraykey = array(‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘hey’, ‘bye’) we can have it as the name of a variable or an array.

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