is php hard to learn

The truth is that the hardest part of learning a programming language is finding the right one for you. It can be that the right language makes it difficult to learn, or that it becomes easier to learn. The truth is that with proper preparation, you will have a much easier time choosing the right language. The hardest part is finding your niche, which is probably the same as the hardest part of choosing a hobby.

Choosing the right language is hard because your niche is so broad, so many languages have a lot of different ways to do the same thing, and some have better features than others.

In its current state, PHP is one of the most widely used languages in the world. The primary reason for this is that it has a growing community of well-established code sharing groups like But you don’t have to be a well-established developer to get to know PHP. You just have to know how to code. A good start is by learning basic PHP syntax and by writing simple code that can be reused in PHP projects.

There are also a whole lot of tutorials and reference books out there for PHP, but if you are just starting out you can also find some good sites that teach you how to get a handle on PHP, including This is also a great place to find articles and tutorials to learn new features.

PHP is still a young language, so even if you’re not an experienced developer you can still learn it very well. A good starting point is the PHP Reference by Paul Randal. The site has a good overview of the language as well as some great tutorials.

In addition, the PHP website has a great tutorial section where you can learn about the language, PHP in general, and how to find and use the PHP syntax.

In your next project you will probably need to learn PHP too. It’s not as hard as you might think. A good PHP tutorial can teach you the syntax very quickly, and you can learn about the language by watching tutorials on YouTube and reading about it in books. The PHP website has a good tutorial section with a ton of great content.

There are many tutorials on YouTube explaining how to use PHP and even how to write some code. I use the PHP website a lot and am constantly on YouTube looking for good tutorials to learn PHP. The PHP website has a ton of great tutorials.

Most of the tutorials I found are on YouTube, but I’ve seen a few on sites like and The tutorial is definitely one of the best on the subject. I’ve never seen a really great tutorial on YouTube but I have seen a few good ones on The tutorial is very good, but I had to look for it.

The tutorial is one of my favorites. The author of the tutorial is very helpful and very good at explaining things in a way that is easy to follow. The only problem is that it is a full tutorial that will take several hours to completely learn. It will take me about one day to complete the first part of the tutorial. The tutorial is less intense, but still very good. The first two parts are much better than the first part of the php.

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