html merge cells

This is a fairly new feature in most web browsers. It lets the user merge two or more cells into a single cell that is easily viewable.

The basic feature is very simple, but the user can also add additional information, such as style, color, and so on. The result is that if a user wants to merge a group of cells, they can do so with a single click.

The feature is available in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Not all browsers support the feature.

This is the easiest way to merge two cells.

The feature is new to Internet Explorer, but it’s already available to most other browsers.

The feature is compatible with IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, IE11+, and IE9+, the newest versions of Opera, Safari, and Firefox. In the case where IE does not support the feature, it will fall back to the standard feature that is available in other browsers, with the exception that the merge will be done in IE10.

The feature is a feature of the HTML 5 markup. It merges the two cells into a single one, but the merge only works in an unordered list. For example, if you have two cells labeled X and Y, the merge function will merge Y into X. If the cells X and Y are ordered, then the merge will only work on one of X or Y.

That’s the gist of the merge function. It’s basically a way to change one cell into another cell, while preserving the order of the cells.

The merge is actually very useful for some types of lists. Such as, if you have a list of the first five names of the presidents of the United States, the merge will make them follow the order in which the list was ordered in the first place.

This function is useful for creating a custom sort order, as well as merging multiple lists into a single one.

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