14 Common Misconceptions About asp net vs php

I just came across this article that touches on this topic in depth. Read it over to see what I mean.

Asp and PHP are two of the fastest-growing languages currently being used to build web applications. Despite being so different, both languages are quite compatible with each other and can both be used interchangeably, either as an extension to another language or as a standalone language. Both are dynamic languages, which means they are able to work with an array of data at run time. Asp is a superset of ASP.Net, while PHP is a superset of PHP.

Asp is a superset of ASP.Net, while PHP is a superset of PHP.

Because many of the tools available for creating web sites are similar in both languages, they both have their strengths in this area. Web developers can use both languages for their web sites in a way that is compatible and will work seamlessly with each other. Asp is more dynamic which means that asp will not be completely compatible with any other language, but it will work well with php as a standalone language.

I used to work as a web developer. I have very little experience with PHP. I have never used anything other than what I learned in PHP school and then my first job. So I have absolutely no idea of what PHP is. I will say that I am familiar with several of PHP’s strengths, but not all of them.

PHP is a server-side scripting language. This means that it runs on the server, but it is also used client-side, meaning that you can write PHP code on your computer and read it back on your browser. PHP is a good choice to build websites for small websites. It is also a good choice for larger projects due to its ability to allow server-side code to be written on the client-side.

I actually have some experience with PHP, having worked for a company that used it to build a large e-commerce site. That said, PHP is not a good choice for web design or web development. PHP does not handle server-side scripting (e.g. database access) very well, so you will probably want to use another scripting language like Perl or Python. These scripting languages are much more powerful, but PHP is too slow for these use cases.

PHP has become the de facto scripting language for web developers, and there are several reasons for this. PHP is a great choice if you need to write server-side code that is server-side. But it does not do fine-grained server-side scripting very well. For example, it is very easy to inadvertently break server-side script when you need to check for updates on the client and send a response for each request sent.

In addition, PHP has a built-in server-side caching mechanism that does not allow for the rapid increase in server-side scripts. And if you need to do so, you will need to write your own server-side caching mechanism.

The truth is that PHP doesn’t have much of a server-side scripting standard, and some of it can be very hard to learn. And for those reasons, PHP servers have become almost like a black box. If you need to write server-side scripting, you need to know PHP, and you’ll need to know the PHP server-side coding language to write server-side scripts.

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