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We’d like to thank our visitors for their patience while we take a break from our regular blog updates, and for their love of our work. We’ll be back on the blog soon, but as of now, you can check out our new page for our new website (www.artsofsolomon.com) and blog (www.artsofsolomon.blogspot.com) to get even more updates on all of our work.

We’re happy to announce that we have been awarded a Silver Status on Google for good work, and a Gold Status on Bing for good search visibility. The Silver Status means that we get paid a certain amount for each page we publish.

The Platinum status means that we get paid for each page we publish. Our standard rate is $2.50 per post. As the Silver Statuses come up, that will increase to $3.50 (still within the range of the average hourly rate) per post. As we get more Platinum Status, the rate will increase to $4.50 per post.

But as we get more Platinum Statuses, we will be able to charge more and more for each post. But since we’re not getting paid for each post, we will be able to make more and more interesting content.

We are not paid for each post, but we do get paid for each page we make. This is because we publish pages that get ranked higher in search engines and bring more traffic to our site. When a page is ranked higher in search engines, the website owner is paid. So if we have a very high ranking page, this means we are getting paid. But there is a catch. Pages that are ranked lower in search engines are not paid.

Although it is highly likely that we will be making many more pages in the future, there are a few other reasons why we might make more. For example, we have a new blog for the community that is getting a lot of traffic and we are thinking about making a video series and other video material.

We’re also thinking about making a new website for the business team to get more traffic, but this will have to wait for some time.

But there is always going to be some level of support required to get a site up and running. So yes, we will be making more.

Some of the reasons why we will continue to make more are because we like making things and are always looking for ways to keep making things. Also, we have a lot of cool stuff coming up in the near future for the community. And finally, we like to make things.

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